5 Features To Look For When Choosing An Adoption Specialist

If you are considering placing your baby for adoption, then you will likely work with a licensed adoption agency to find an appropriate family for your child and process the adoption legally. When you select an adoption agency to work with, you will usually be assigned an adoption specialist who will be in charge of your adoption and will be your main point of contact regarding your adoption. Most adoption agencies will work with you to make sure that your adoption specialist is someone who you feel comfortable with. Below are five features that you should look for when meeting your adoption specialist. 

They Have Dealt With Adoptions Similar to Yours 

Each adoption situation is unique. However, it is important that you work with an adoption specialist who has dealt with adoptions similar to yours in the past. For example, if you want to pursue an open adoption, it is better to have a specialist who has negotiated open adoptions on the level you desire. Similarly, if you are a married couple placing your baby for adoption, you may have unique concerns and needs that your adoption specialist should be equipped to address. 

They Are Available When You Need Them 

Some adoption specialists are available 24 hours a day to talk to you in case of a medical emergency or even if you are simply having emotional concerns about your adoption. Other specialists are only available during working hours. It is important that your specialist is available when you need them and when you are available to talk with them. You should also take into consideration your preferred method of communication. For example, some specialists will work better through email while others will insist on phone conversations. You should discuss this before you start working with your specialist. 

They Can Supply You With Access to Resources You Need 

Adoption agencies often offer access to resources for mothers considering adoption. This can include counseling, mental health care, physical health care, and placement in assisted living for the duration of your pregnancy. If you will need access to special resources, it is best to work with a specialist who is familiar with negotiating these resources. For example, if you do not need a place to live while pregnant, you may not be concerned about getting a placement in a mother's home. However, if you do need this resource, you will have the easiest access if you are working with someone who has helped other women get similar placements. 

They Make You Feel Comfortable and Supported 

You should feel comfortable expressing yourself to your adoption specialist. You should not feel judged, pressured, or powerless. While your adoption specialist does not need to feel like your best friend, you should not feel stressed when you need to call or talk to them. This will help you be able to process your adoption better and will also make sure that you get the type of adoption that you are seeking. 

They Listen to Your Preferences 

An adoption specialist should listen to your preferences from everything regarding what type of family you are looking for to whether you want to go to counseling or not. While an adoption specialist may make suggestions to make sure you know your options and that you consider what is best for you and your baby, they should listen to what you are saying and work with you to create an adoption that works for everyone involved. 

If you find that you are not getting along with your adoption specialist, it does not mean that you automatically need to switch adoption agencies. Instead, request that your file be transferred to another specialist within the same agency first. 

For more information and options, talk with a licensed adoption agency or visit websites like http://www.achildsdream.org.