New Mothers Struggling With Addiction May Want To Consider Putting Their Child Up For Adoption

Pregnancy and immediate care of a newborn are very challenging to all mothers but can be particularly hard for those struggling with addiction. Often, they cannot handle the situation on their own and may end up doing harm to the baby on accident. Therefore, it is essential for those in this situation to consider adoption for their child.

Addiction During Pregnancy Can Be a Major Challenge

Pregnant mothers often have to walk a difficult line during this period. For example, they must eat healthy enough to provide their developing child with proper nutrition. Beyond that, they also must make sure to keep good care of themselves. Unfortunately, addiction may distract a mother and make it very challenging for her to stay focused on her child and its growth.

And after the birth of the child, a mother going through addiction may find that she cannot give that child the attention that it needs. Even worse, she may find that having a new child may distract her from getting the high-quality addiction care necessary to recover from this problem. As a result, she may have to make a very hard decision and give her baby up for adoption to protect it and her.

How Adoption Can Help

Putting a baby up for adoption can help a mother with an addition by placing her child in a safe and stable environment. Adoptive parents understand the unique challenges put on them by this situation and work hard to make their home as loving as possible. As a result, the child of a mother with addiction will more likely grow up feeling happy and loved.

Critically, their mother can focus on herself during what can be a very challenging period. Often, a mother who fully recovers from addiction may be able to reach out to their child — if the adoptive parents allow — and establish a relationship of some kind. Doing this can be beneficial for both parties by giving them closure and a better understanding of each other as people.

Though this decision is never an easy one for a mother, doing so may help to save the life of their child. And it may even give them a better chance of regaining a sober lifestyle and connecting with their child in the future. Put that way, adoption shouldn't be seen as giving up but as a powerful gift to a child. 

If you are thinking about putting your baby up for adoption, contact an adoption service in your area.