How Can Grief Support Services Help You?

When people experience a loss or tragedy, they typically have an emotional response. This response is often grief. Grief can encompass feelings of sadness, but it can also include feelings of anger or resentment. Grief can be difficult to handle alone. Fortunately, grief support services can offer assistance to people who are grieving. Here are some ways that grief support services can uplift you and help you find peace:

1. Give you an idea of what to expect

People often have questions about grief, especially when experiencing it for the first time. You may wonder if your feelings are normal and if they'll ever go away. There is no one way to feel grief, but grief counselors have seen many expressions of grief before. A grief counselor can reassure you that the way you're processing your loss is completely normal. They can also remind you that there is healing on the other side of grief, that no matter how bad you feel, you will not feel that way forever. Understanding grief can make it a little easier to bear.

2. Provide a space to connect with people in similar situations

Grief can be caused by many different things, but it is still a universal human experience. Spending time with others who are also struggling with grief can alleviate the feeling that you are alone in your suffering. Some grief support services offer peer support groups where people can get to know others who are struggling with loss or trauma. Peer support groups are often facilitated by grief counselors who can make sure that each session progresses in healthy, positive ways. Support groups aren't for everyone, but many people find value in them. You can try out a grief support group to see if it's something that can benefit you.

3. Refer you to a mental health care professional

Grief counselors can provide practical support for people who have suffered a loss. A listening ear can make you feel much better, reminding you that you aren't alone. However, some problems are more than a grief support group can handle on its own. If you are experiencing clinical depression, you may also need a medical solution. A grief counselor can refer you to a psychiatrist who can help you get the care you need for depression. Getting a prescription for antidepressants can help you manage your feelings while you continue to work through them in grief therapy.

Reach out to a mental health professional to learn more about your options for grief support.