Funeral Home Services

Funeral homes provide a variety of services to families during difficult times. Funerals are a traditional way to honor a loved one and provide a sense of closure to their survivors. Here are some of the services provided that can be invaluable to the grieving process. 

Funeral or Memorial Service

Funeral homes typically offer funeral and memorial services. Funeral services are more traditional services that involve a viewing of the deceased, a funeral service, and a burial. They are typically held at a church or funeral home. Memorial services are less traditional and can be held at a variety of locations, including a park or beach. Memorial services may not involve a viewing of the deceased or a burial.

Preparing the Body

Embalming is a process of preserving the body of the deceased for viewing or burial. The body will also be made up to look as natural as possible. In addition, the deceased will be dressed in clothing provided by the family.


Cremation is an alternative to traditional burial and involves the use of a special furnace to reduce a body to ashes. The family may choose an urn or other special object for the ashes which can then be buried or kept by the family. You may also choose a simple box to take the ashes and scatter them according to the wishes of the deceased.


Pre-planning is the process of planning a funeral in advance, which can help to alleviate some of the burdens on the family at the time of death. This may be done by the deceased before they pass or by the family.

Grief Counseling

In addition to these services, funeral homes also provide grief counseling and support. Many funeral homes have trained grief counselors on staff or can refer families to outside professionals who specialize in grief counseling. Grief counseling can be an invaluable resource to families during the grieving process, as it can provide a safe space to discuss emotions, ask questions, and receive support.


Funeral homes also provide a range of merchandise, such as caskets, urns, and headstones. These items can be customized to reflect the individual's personality and to honor their life.

Additional Services

Finally, funeral homes can provide additional services such as obituary writing, legal advice, and assistance with insurance paperwork. Obituary writing involves composing an article that will be published in the local newspaper to announce the death of a loved one. Legal advice is often necessary to complete the paperwork associated with death, and funeral homes can provide guidance on this process. Insurance paperwork can also be confusing, and funeral homes can provide assistance in this area as well.

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